8 Reasons to Visit Thailand (Reason #1)

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In light of my recent decision to study abroad in Thailand again (learn more here), I’ve decided it would be fun to create a list of reasons why everyone should visit Thailand! I have come up with 8 reasons (in no particular order), and will be sharing them over the next two weeks.

Reason #1: Visit Hat Suwat Waterfall at Khao Yai National Park

So you’re probably wondering like, what is this random waterfall? Why would she make this the first post? Don’t worry! This is not just some random waterfall! This is the waterfall where the famous waterfall scene from “The Beach” was filmed! https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Beach_(film) But regardless of whether or not you care about the movie, this place is worth checking out. To get there from Hua Hin, where I stayed, we took a bus from Hua Hin to Bangkok (reason #3 to visit Thailand), and another from Bangkok to the park. It is located about 2 hours west of Bangkok.

In order to have enough time to see the falls, we camped out in the park, at Lam Ta Khong campground.


We arrived in the later afternoon, and the campground was packed! It was near a holiday and many Thai people were out camping. We rented a tent and tarp for super cheap, and set up camp in an empty area. (We found out the next morning why nobody else camped there, the ground around us had turned to muddy mush!)

The campground was quite beautiful! It is totally surrounded by tall forests, has a stream with a small waterfall, a scary old bridge to walk across, and an amazing sunset view.


Early the next morning, we set off on our journey to the waterfall on foot. The sun beamed through the trees in such a magical way. Combined with the jungle all around us, it really felt like a fairy tale. We has some insanely beautiful views on that walk. It was my first time being in a real jungle, and I was totally in awe of how majestic it was.



It was quite a long walk, I don’t know exactly how far, but eventually we got to the falls. It was totally beautiful and totally worth the trip!


What do you think? Have I convinced you to go to Thailand yet? 😉

Keep your eye out for post #2 in the next few days! Thanks for reading!



Eliot Jade Takes Over Thailand

Hello world!

I will be spending my spring semester studying abroad in Hua Hin, Thailand. I want to really immerse myself in Thai Culture, with an in depth knowledge of how it works, gained by studying their religion. I want to visit amazing temples, and learn about their history. I want to talk to the locals, and learn from them. I want to learn everything! And at the same time, go to school, work on my Thai, make new friends, and eat amazing food! Watch my video here for more info.

I have set up a campaign here to help me raise money for this adventure! I so totally appreciate every single dollar that is donated to my campaign, I couldn’t do it without you guys, so for various dollar amounts that you donate, I have small incentives/rewards that you will receive! Check them out! Don’t forget to email me your information if you donate!


If you want to know anything else about my trip, don’t hesitate to email me! I would love to hear from you!