Why I Am Willing to Pay $3 for a Bar (On a $40/wk Budget)

Lately, I’ve been pretty loose with my money. I’ve been buying myself almost everything I desire from the grocery store, buying the nicest school supplies, and not hesitating to grab a coffee when I’m out. Stuff like that. But, now that I have decided to go to Thailand, I want to save every little bit of money that I can for the trip! For the next 2 weeks, I’ve put myself on a $40 weekly food budget. I think I’ve been spending closer to $60-70 a week on food, since I buy everything organic or Non-Gmo, so I’m excited to see how much yummy food I can pack into $40! Hopefully, I’ll find that I can spend even less!

Sunday, before I even thought to do this, I grabbed a bunch of groceries, about $50 dollars worth. So my plan is to see if I can stretch the food I have throughout the end of the week!

Hmm, it appears I haven’t even gotten to the actual subject of this post yet….

ProBar Meal

So, with all that in mind, I would like to explain why it is still worth it to me to spend $3 on a ProBar Meal Bar. I’m sure you’re freaking out like, this girl is crazy! Why would she pay $3 for a bar on a $40/week budget!?

This isn’t just any bar! I wouldn’t be paying $3 for a bar if it wasn’t worth it! Trust me! This brand of bar is totally Non-Gmo, and totally delicious. The Meal bars come in at least 8 different flavors, and they are so packed with nutrients. And they honestly are a full meal! That is one reason why they are worth the price. Compare my spending $3 on a meal of nuts, seeds, fruit, super foods, and greens, to paying $3.69 for a Cheeseburger meal at McDonald’s! Make sense now?

Another reason is that for me to recreate this bar (which I have done before with a Kind bar), I would have to purchase ALOT of ingredients. Getting together all of these ingredients would be expensive, and totally not worth the time! I really believe it is cheaper to just buy the bar!

Here’s the list for the Superfood Slam Bar.

Superfood bar

Real, nutritious food is worth the money for me. What do you think? Would you spend $3 on a bar?


One thought on “Why I Am Willing to Pay $3 for a Bar (On a $40/wk Budget)

  1. Howto$tuffYourPig says:

    If you have a membership at a warehouse club or know someone that has one, you may be able find these a little cheaper! Keep saving!!


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