8 Reasons to Visit Thailand (Reason #2)

Reason #2: SCOOTERS

Scooters, or motorbikes, are like the blood of Thailand. They are everywhere, and they keep it functioning.






Have you ever seen so many scooters in one place ever?!

There are 2 ways to take advantage of scooters on your Thailand adventure. First, motorbike taxi’s. If you need to get somewhere, quickly, and you don’t have anybody else to take with you, grab a motorbike taxi and you will be flying through the streets before you even finish telling the driver where to take you! Second, rent one for yourself! I rented a motorbike in Hua Hin, for about 2 months, at a rate of about $3 a day. While you could easily take a tuk tuk anywhere you want to go, and back, for about $1.50, the convenience of having your own scooter really just can’t be beat.

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