8 Reasons to visit Thailand (Reason #5)

Reason #5: FOOD

There are many things to say about eating in Thailand. First of all, where else can you order french fries out of a photo album?!


But seriously, food is a big part of the Thailand experience. I went to Thailand a very picky eater, and came home eating everything. While they do have some “normal” food there like Burger King, Pizza Hut ect. the Thai food is much more abundant. The most famous dish I would think is Pad Thai, which coincidentally I have never tried! While there are many other Thai dishes that I didn’t end up getting my hands on, I did eat lots of yummy seafood! One of my favorite dishes from my trip was this baked fish.


At the night markets, fresh sea food is always an option.


As well as this insanely delicious pancake/crepe type dish called Rotee. You can get it with nearly any fruit or syrup, and then it is usually glazed in sweetened condensed milk. Sweetened condensed milk is also used in other insanely delicious Thai treat: Thai ice tea. I will forever be sad about how Thai tea costs $3.50 in america instead of the $.60 cents that it costs in Thailand.


Thailand also has an assortment of yummy snacks to be found at any 7/11 which are on nearly every corner. Some of my favorites were this mocha flavored milk, and jello packet!


There really is something to be said about food in Thailand, and I think it has a lot to do with the people. Thai people are so happy and kind, and when they bring your food to the table you can’t help but be happy about it! But hey, go check it out for yourself!

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