On Ant Farms and Being Magical

It’s a very strange thing to know you’re magical in a world of sleeping humans. It’ve been slightly deprived of magical people contact for the past few months, so this weekend I took an adventure day to a reiki healing group, and a Thai massage class. At the reiki group I was told to “give myself some Eliot gifts” which really made me feel all nice and fuzzy, so I’m working on that this week.

The weather has turned a little cooler and I’ve been inspired to start working on knitting some socks! Using this pattern but altered a little bit. Also because of the weather, I went to the park after work today. I sat on top of a hill, did some stretching and reading, and noticed a man laying on the ground looking for something. After a while I got too curious so I went over to talk to him. He was digging through ant hills trying to find a Queen Ant for his ant farm! He taught me alllll about ants, and it was a very enlightening experience. People are cool, and life is fun.

Today marks the end of my first full week of eating on a $40/week budget. I spent 50 cents over, which is totally not bad. It’s great to know I can do this! I’m learning what things are worth spending money on and what things really are not. Tonight I splurged on some ice cream as a reward for doing an A+ job at eating healthy and sticking to my budget.

If you read this and you’re cool and magical, contact me! Let’s be friends!


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