8 Reasons to visit Thailand (Reason #6)

Reason #6: Thai Massage

Thai massage really should probably be the #1 reason to visit Thailand. I don’t have many photos of the experience, since I was not usually very focused on taking photos when I was about to get an epic massage.


Thai massage is a lot different than your average message, and personally, I would say way better. When you arrive, you change into very loose fitting clothes; a big cotton shirt, and pants that tie. The massage is done fully clothed. You lie down on a thin mattress on the floor, or a raised platform, and the massage begins. Thai massage is also called Thai Yoga, if that gives you a better idea of what goes on. Your masseuse, starting with your feet, will push and pull your body in every different direction, getting you all nice and stretched out. Some people Thai massage “Lazy Man’s Yoga.”


After the massage, you’re almost always given a cup of tea, and once I even got a mini banana! You are expected to drink the tea, as it helps you to settle down after the massage, instead of rush out the door. Even if you don’t find it to be that great tasting, (I think it tastes ok!) you should try and gulp it down out of respect.

BUT I haven’t even gotten to the best part yet! The massage only costs 6-9 dollars (depending where you are in Thailand) for a whole hour!!!!!!!

We’re almost through with all 8 reasons! Have you booked your ticket yet? 😉 I’ll be booking mine soon for my next trip!


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