What Should I Be Doing?

Lately, I’ve been working on finding the balance between what I should be doing, and what I’m actually doing.

I successfully navigate life using a planner. Each day I have a list of between 3-12ish things to accomplish. I think of things throughout the week, and assign them days to get done, as well as write down things every evening that I want to do the next day. Some days I accomplish everything and more, and other days I accomplish almost nothing. Where is the balance? Why does this happen?

When I don’t accomplish the things I wanted, I usually feel pretty conflicted about it. I feel like, well yeah I didn’t get my homework done today, but I worked on some of my knitting, watched some interesting videos, and saw some cool stuff on Instagram and Pinterest, so really was there any harm done? I also feel like the world is probably going to end, that I’m not going to have enough time the next day to finish everything now that I didn’t do what I was supposed to today, and that I really screwed up. The thing is though, eventually, everything I write down does get done. I never turn my homework in late. The world never ends.

So the battle rages on between what I think I should be doing, and what I actually do. I know that if everything gets done, then there was no harm in knitting or scrolling Pinterest, but for some reason I still feel there is a battle going on!

My goal for this next week is to successfully accomplish everything I need to, and everything I want to, and be happy about it. The battle cannot exist if I do not create it, right?


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