It’s Plane Ticket Time!

If you’ve been following my blog, I’m sure you’ve heard all about why you should visit Thailand, and my plans to study abroad there in the spring. I was officially accepted into the study abroad program last week, and now it’s time to buy my plane ticket!

So far, my gofundme page page has been quite successful! I have raised 410 dollars, of which I appreciate every penny. I had originally set my funding goal as $4,165, which is the total amount I need to go on the trip. I had estimated that I could save $1,500 by the time I left for my adventure, and that if I made the full $4,165, I could put the extra money I earned towards paying for school next year. While 4,165 is still my total amount needed for the trip, I changed my gofundme goal to $2,000. I’ve taken on a second job, so I should be able to save the other $2,000 myself!

So far, in my savings, I have a total of $900. $410 from gofundme, and the rest is money that I earned! This is just a few hundred dollars short of the cost of my plane ticket, so I would especially appreciate any donations in the next week or two, to help me reach 1,300 dollars and purchase my ticket!

If you’ve already watched my video explaining my trip, and checked out my blog, but still are unsure about whether or not its really worth it to donate to my trip, keep in mind that I will be updating this blog with everything I do, see, and learn over the course of the adventure. That means that you get an awesome peek into life in Thailand, as well as the privilege of watching me learn and grow! I would say that’s worth a little $5 donation! If you agree, check out my gofundme page for information about rewards you can get for donating.

Thanks for reading!


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