It’s Official!

I did the deed, guys! I will be arriving in Bangkok, Thailand at 11:45 pm January 5th!

I managed to spend only $879 on the trip, instead of the $1,300 that I planned for! The website I booked through had a special running, $50 off any trip to Thailand, so that helped a little bit. I love saving money! I managed to accomplish the rest by spending a little more time, and a little less money. Really, when you think about it, they’re totally related. You use some of your time in a certain way and then you are given compensation for it, whether it be money, or a hug. We use time to get other things every day.

First, I realized it was way cheaper to fly from Chicago to Bangkok than St. Louis to Bangkok. A difference of 889 to 1365! My first thought was then to book a flight separately to Chicago, which would be $230, putting me at a total of 1,119. This would have given me a one way travel time of about 30 hours. Still cheaper than what I had planned, but not the cheapest possible way! I realized I could take a bus from St. Louis to Chicago for a mere $20 each way! By adding about 8 more hours of travel time, for a total of about 38 hours, I saved about $190. Major score, and totally worth it. Thats like a month’s worth of food!

So my flight is booked. It’s Official! I’m going to Thailand and nobody can stop me! *laughs evilly*

But seriously, I’m very excited. Thanks to everyone who donated to help me pay for this ticket, you made it happen! And while I have the ticket, I also need to live while I’m there, so please don’t hesitate to donate if you are interested and able!


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