*Wipes Sweat Off Brow*

It’s been a crazy weekend! Saturday I worked 9-5 at one job, and 6-10 at the other. It wasn’t nearly as bad as I expected, and I am happy to be making money for my trip! Sunday, I wrote the entirety of a 1,200 word argumentative essay on why you should be a vegetarian, along with research, and a 4 hour shift of work. I am happy to have a mostly relaxed day today, and get some more homework done.

Thursday, I accidentally knocked my water bottle off of a ~100 foot tall cliff. It was slightly tragic, but happened about 2 minutes after I thought, “I really need a bigger water bottle,” so obviously it was just the Universe at work. Since then, my body has been craving insane amounts of water. Like, upwards of 2 gallons a day. So I bought a 66 oz bottle and will be lugging it around with me from now on. I also have no craving or desire at all to eat anything. It appears I am doing some sort of detox that I wasn’t even aware I was going to do, which is totally fine with me! I usually try and let the Universe do what it wants, so I will be gulping down massive amounts of water and eating fruit until I’m instructed otherwise. Life is weird.


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