Lock Outs and Soap

It’s been another crazy weekend! Saturday morning, I woke up to get ready for my crazy day of working both jobs, and realized I was coming down with a cold. I immediately decided that I totally blatantly refused to get sick. So I drank a few cups of hot honey water (with raw organic honey of course), mixed up an interesting concoction of all the get better things I had – turmeric, lemon, apple cider vinegar, cranberry juice, cinnamon, cayenne pepper, and echinacea – in my huger water bottle, and hoped for the best.

All week, I had been slightly stressing about what I was going to do at work on this crazy saturday, because last weekend, my little portable soap container full of Dr. Bronner’s Castile Soap fell out of my pocket and shattered. I do not like to use normal soap, since its basically poison. I went to buy a new little glass bottle to use and wasn’t feeling like I should, so I didn’t. Then I tried again, and the store didn’t have any! So I decided that I would just go with it, and use the soap at work, or maybe not was my hands, or something. I really didn’t know what I was going to do. Then, Saturday morning when I was concocting my get better potion, the problem solved itself! I grabbed my little bottle of echinacea, emptied the last bit of it into my water bottle, and immediately realized it was a perfect soap container. I just love it when life works out like that!

When I went to head home after my second shift Saturday, I felt around in my coat pockets, and my keys were nowhere to be found. I locked them in my car, in the ignition, and I don’t have a spare. There was a cop sitting in the parking lot, so I walked over to his car and asked if he could help. He wedged the door open with a little wooden block and wiggled a metal pole into the car. My unlock buttons inside the car stopped working about a week ago, so we couldn’t open it that way. He tried pulling the handles, but that wouldn’t work since the car was locked. Lastly, he tried pulling up on the little sticky upy knobs that lock the car (super technical term), and that didn’t work either. I abandoned my car at Fresh Thyme, and my mom picked me up.

Sunday, I was considering my options of calling a locksmith to open it, which costs about $70, or calling the dealership to see if they have any sort of blank key that would open it, when my grandpa offered to go over there and try to get it open. I explained the situation to him, and he left. About 45 minutes later, he showed up at my house with my keys, and all was well. There is a small dent above my car door, and I’m not sure if it was the cop, or my grandpa, but I’m totally not mad. I’d rather have a little dent than have had to pay $70 to get it open.

So the crazy weekend is over and its time to begin a crazy week! I’m off school for fall break this week, which is great because I work a total of 44 hours this week between both jobs (compared to my usual ~30).  I’m totally looking forward to putting that paycheck in my Thailand Savings! I still have a little cold that I’m dealing with, but it’s not the worse cold ever, and I’m taking lots of measures to make sure it will be gone soon. So, let the crazy week begin!

P.S. I went on a pretty cool adventure Sunday,  check back later to read all about it!


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