Thai Food Fair

Sunday for lunch, my family and I went to the Thai Buddhist temple of St. Louis  for their monthly Thai Food Fair.  Yeah, it wasn’t organic, and I felt totally gross afterwards (and still do), but I knew what I was getting myself into, so I’m not upset about it. It was fun!

The temple is in an old church. They turned the sanctuary into the temple, the basement into housing for the monks, and added a library, meditation room, garden, and multipurpose room. It’s name, Wat Phrasriratanaram, means “Temple of the Beautiful Gem.”

When you arrive, you purchase a pack of 10 fake dollars for 10 real dollars, and use these throughout the fair to buy what you want to eat. I told the ladies it would more fun if they had pretend Baht’s to buy the food with, and they just laughed at me.

They had a good assortment of food, which I’m told changes monthly. It is much more reasonably priced than going out for Thai food, but still significantly more expensive than Thailand. It also seemed to be a little more authentic than the average Thai restaurant.

I forgot to take photos of our food, because I was too excited to eat, but got a photo of the woman who served it. I asked for her picture, she said yes, and then kept packaging up the food. Here, she was putting a soup into a plastic bag, sort of like one you would bring a fish home from the pet store in. It’s likely that if you bought a soup in Thailand, they wouldn’t bother with the foam container, and would put it straight into the plastic bag.

This lady was incredibly nice, and I had a little Thai conversation with her, which was fun! I ordered 3 Thai Ice Teas, in thai, and she got so excited she just started speaking Thai and I had very little idea of what she was saying. So I told her, in Thai, that I only speak Thai a little bit, and then she kept speaking Thai. I just laughed, and thanked her for the Tea. It was only $2 a glass, compared to the usual $3.50 at a Thai Restaurant, but $2 is still twice as expensive as Thailand.

Once we finished eating, we got some Rotee for desert. Rotee is sort of like a crepe, but slightly more like a pastry. It’s fried in butter, drizzled in sweetened condensed milk and sugar, rolled or folded up, and then covered in more toppings! In Thailand, you can find Rotee at the night market, or maybe near a beach. They usually serve it with more toppings, such as jelly, honey, or chocolate syrup. It’s a real treat.

I ordered 3, in Thai, and the lady asked, in Thai, if I would like them for here or to go. One of the most fun parts about the Thai fair was practicing my Thai. After I ordered, she told us she would bring them to our table, which was very nice!

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One thought on “Thai Food Fair

  1. Teri Loryn says:

    Ahh I had soup from a plastic bag a couple of times in Thailand! So if the food was good, even if non-organic, why did you feel gross? I didn’t know about this place here. I would love to do this. Are you still having your fundraiser at school? Great post and pictures. Khob khun ka!


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